Jan   2015                            Sanders University –USA, California

Bachelor Degree in Business Administration

May 2002                          The Intermediate University ‎ – Amman,Jordan

                                             Information Technology Engineer

  • Computer Since
  • Programming
  • Additional Programming & 01 Language

 2015:  owner and CEO ( Aamalokom Logistics Services LTD )

2019  owner and CEO  ( Genius Valley for Robotics & AI )

2019   Partner & CO OF ( Traderzone Forex Trading )


Nov/2015                     Aamalocom Logistics Services LTD

  • General Project Manager And HR Department Manager  and Health & Safety Advisor, It is a private company working in the field of training and operating in the private sector in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It contributes in particular to the implementation of projects of international organizations from training, rehabilitation, development, recruitment and operation programs,

Jun / 2015                      Khairat alshamal for Poultry & feed

  • CEO Office Manager , Responsible for follow-up actions and Administrative Office and the Executive to follow the movement of sales and market deployment and grab as I carry the responsibility of monitoring and quality products in the market and follow the company’s

Mar /2015                     Printed Quick Steps

  • Sales And Marketing Manager , Responsible For Sales And marketing Plans To Get the Targeted Income From Advertising  Contract , our services and plans have targeted the working company’s and Factory’s in Jordan  , as we work On  Printed Newspaper , TV , Social Media , Email , Web Pages , SMS , WhatsUpp , Printing .

Nov/2014                       Weqaya  Logistic services

  • Sales Team leader , Responsible For Sales And marketing Plans  To Get the Targeted Income

Insurance ( life , health , cars , houses , Buildings ( individual , Corporate )  )

Hello Maintenance Service Program

This world health Insurance program

 2009-Mar/2014            Umniah Mobile Company – Jordan

  • I work on the front Line from 2009 as Shop Direct sales , it’s a job that give the chance to Communicate with people (Bear the burden and the ongoing pressures of work after dealing directly with all segments of society and all levels and understand their needs).
  • To be able to raise the level of dealing with co-workers to the utmost of respect and distribution of tasks and achieve the desired goals of quality and sales department.

2004-2009                   Ziyad Al Baghal CO. & Partners for Trade and Finance and Investment – Zarqa,Jordan

       Windsor Brokers LTD (limasol CYPRUS )


  • The company is one of the companies emerging locally as one of the branches approved for Windsor Brokers LTD company, which began trading in the currency markets, stocks and metals commissions and interest rates and their dependence on public and private relations in the construction of the future plans for the project and the completion of work on the goals of the founders.
  • Work in the trading room and carry out sale and purchase for a period of8months,and then moved to the economic analysis and direct contact with customers, and then start developing customers to carry out training on the system of trading in the company to raise Informatics and so until the end of the month of August of the year 2007.
  • August 2007becamedirector of the evening period where the task sent rusted in full and that up to September of the year2008.
  • September 2008 became the DirectorGeneral and even the state’s decision to stop the business sector exchanges on the first of October of the year 2009.

 2001-2004             Education and teaching and training-Zarqa, Jordan

Cultural Elite Status, Academic Elite Cultural Intelligence

  • Instruction in several programming languages including : VB , VB.NET , INR SQL , ORACLE , JAVA C & C++ , HARDWERE & SOFTWERE MAINTANCE  .
  • Lecturer at the Academy of post-secondary and university student.
  • Lecturer at the Academy of ICDL Program (Computer program provided by the United Nations).


1999-2001             Mobile & Computer ServicesZarqa, Jordan


  • Own work is far from the collective action which is mainly a shop offering the services of mobile phone and computer work Malfunction or maintenance, Which is also directly involved in dealing with the whole community.

1997-1999             Computer & Internet Services Company-Zarqa, Jordan

                                SPIDER NET FOR COMPUTER AND INTERNET

  • Work requirement, where the function is not limited tasks of the collection and sale of computer hardware and maintenance, and provide Internet services and mobile devices and accessories, and is ordered enough for the development of ways to communicate with customers means proper and innovative, and the acquisition of advanced experience in the computer and its software and maintenance.



  • Greek: Native
  • Arabic: Native
  • English: Fluent in written and spoken communication

Nationality:  Greek , Jordanian

Family status: Married


  • Driving License.
  • Driving and Safety Course (Zarqa Governorate – Ministry of Interior).
  • Help & Rescue Course (Ministry of Interior).
  • GVN-UN Volunteer (United Nation).
  • Health Care Course (Civil Defense Directorate).
  • TOT Business Ethics /2017



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