• Deputy Chairman Paget CNG/NGV sri.Italy
  • CEO: Eagle Vision Islamabad
  • Director Apex international Mexico
  • Director Regional affairs Cambodia-Georgia international trading Co,
  • Director international corporate division MARITIME Group Cambodia,
  • Director International Affairs at Virtual Venture Media PTE. LTD. for cryptocurrencies


  • Member Board of Directors Small industries Corporation AJK,
  • Advisor: Anti- Corruption Thailand


Social Activities

  • Goodwill Ambassador (South East Asia) inlove Human right Ambassador for peace (INSPAD) Belgium Former: President

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Virtual Venture Media

VIRTUAL VENTURE MEDIA PTE. LTD., a multinational conglomerate based in SINGAPORE, expanded its presence in USA, EUROPE, INDIA, UAE, JORDAN.

VVMEDIA puts its interests in various sectors with key partners and local bodies allowing successful integration into emerging spaces futuristic projects such as energy, Pharmaceuticals, Blockchain Technology, Smart Real Estate.

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