Mr. Shailesh Gandhi is a Mumbai businessman with a strong education background in accounts & finance. His visionary & progressive approach has helped him venture into multi-generation businesses with ease. At 40, when most of the people got complacent he decided to step out of the legacy driven textile business to an evolving & growing sector worldwide like event management. Today, his company Discovery Events is one of the most renowned in Asia for experiential events & weddings planning. Specifically in India, very popular among the industrialists, jewellers & bollywood stars for his work. 

His expertise is to execute & deliver high pressure, complex, time bound production work & event sets. His management & planning skills help clients deliver solutions accurately & effectively in a timely manner. 

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VIRTUAL VENTURE MEDIA PTE. LTD., a multinational conglomerate based in SINGAPORE, expanded its presence in USA, EUROPE, INDIA, UAE, JORDAN.

VVMEDIA puts its interests in various sectors with key partners and local bodies allowing successful integration into emerging spaces futuristic projects such as energy, Pharmaceuticals, Blockchain Technology, Smart Real Estate.

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